Course Features

Delivery Model Model and Accessibility

Networking Academy utilizes a blended learning model that combines face-to-face teaching with engaging online content and hands-on learning activities  to help students prepare for industry-standard certifications, entry-level and advanced careers, and higher education in engineering, computer science, information systems, and related fields. Courses are delivered through secondary and post-secondary schools, colleges, universities, and community-based organizations in more than 165 countries.

For Networking Academy, accessibility means providing access to our curricula for people with disabilities, either by design or through compatibility with assistive technology. The accessible versions of our Cisco CCNA Discovery and CCNA Exploration courses address the needs of students with visual, physical, and auditory impairments.


Networking Academy provides an enriching and comprehensive learning experience through the use of innovative assessments and tools. Formative and summative assessments are integrated into the curricula and supported by an advanced online delivery system to provide immediate, rich feedback that supports instructor and student evaluation of acquired knowledge and skills.

We offer a full suite of assessments to support 21st century learning:

Formative assessments provide practice and support to help students master core concepts. Formative assessments align with topics covered in the curriculum and give students and instructors detailed feedback about students’ strengths and weaknesses. Chapter quizzes, interactive Flash tasks, simulations, and Cisco Packet Tracer activities embedded throughout the curriculum are examples of formative assessments that support learning and evaluation of student performance.

Summative assessments help measure students’ familiarity with course content and ability to apply their knowledge. Summative assessments are designed to summarize the knowledge and skills of a student, and usually cover a broader range of information than formative assessments and provide less detailed feedback. Examples include online practice certification exams, final exams, and hands-on performance exams administered on real equipment.

Cisco Packet Tracer Skills Assessments allow students to assess their knowledge and skills using the simulation and configuration capabilities of the Packet Tracer learning environment. Packet Tracer Practice Skills Based Assessments (SBAs) are currently available for CCNA and CCNA Security courses. These formative assessments are designed to help students prepare for the final hands-on skills exam at the end of each course.

Career Information

As networking technologies bring new economic and social opportunities to communities throughout the world, businesses, nonprofits, hospitals, schools, and government organizations are experiencing growing demand for networking professionals to design, build, maintain, and secure their networks.

Networking Academy aims to equip individuals with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to help meet this demand in a variety of industries ranging from broadband and wireless to healthcare and green technologies.

Interactive learning tools and activities are integrated into Networking Academy courses to help students develop practical experience and 21st century career skills such as problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Our courses map to globally recognized certifications to help students and alumni stand out in the job market and demonstrate their skills and competencies to employers.

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