Introduction to Linux

Course Description

This 27 chapter, 70 hour course covers the fundamentals of the Linux operating system, system architecture, installation, command line and file system. This course implements a “practice as you read” approach to learning. Each learner has hands-on access to a Linux virtual machine to practice, explore and trial Linux command line concepts.At the end of the course, the student will be prepared to attempt the LPI LPIC-1 certification exam (or CompTIA Linux+)


At least 70 hours instructor led training (usually two – 3 hour sessions per week  over 12 weeks)

What you will learn

  1. Using the Shell
  2. Getting Help
  3. Text Utilities
  4. Configuring the Shell
  5. File Manipulation
  6. File Globbing
  7. Finding Files
  8. Regular Expressions
  9. The vi Editor
  10. Standard Text Streams and Redirection
  11. Managing Processes
  12. Archive Commands
  13. File Permissions and Ownership
  14. File Systems Links


  1. Hardware Configuration
  2. The Boot Process
  3. Bootloaders
  4. Runlevels
  5. Designing a Scheme
  6. Creating Partitions
  7. Mounting Filesystems
  8. Maintaining Integrity
  9. Fixing Filesystems
  10. Disk quotas
  11. RPM Package Management
  12. Debian Software Management
  13. Managing Shared Libraries

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